Redispatch 3.0 demonstration project

In order to make the power grid as fail-safe as possible, redispatch measures aim to coordinate power plants and consumers in such a way that overloads are avoided. If wind farms in the north have to be shut down today in order not to overload the grid and southern Germany buys expensive electricity from other countries (redispatch 1.0), then this has a direct impact on grid fees and thus on electricity prices. To counteract this, numerous new regulations came into force on October 1, 2021 with the Grid Expansion Acceleration Act, which are referred to as Redispatch 2.0. From now on, bottlenecks should be avoided by implementing congestion management for all voltage levels.

The main focus of this project is the use of flexibility in particular with decentralized systems at the low-voltage level via the Controllable Local Systems (CLS) interface of the intelligent measuring system (iMSys). Real-time coordination, post-marketing flexibilities optimization, and information exchange across voltage levels will be demonstrated within this project.