Redispatch 3.0

Redispatch 3.0

Demonstration Project

Project Goal

Redispatch 3 – The project “Redispatch 3.0” aims to improve the information exchange between DSOs and TSOs and further develop existing concepts for Redispatch 2.0.

Phase 1

Requirements analysis phase identifies and classifies the uses cases of two application variants which are documented in the use case templates.

Phase 2

Development of basic technologies phase defines requirements for practical implementation.

Phase 3

Development of the application variants phase aims to prepare two field tests under real conditions.

Phase 4

Two field tests that represent urban and rural electrical network structures.

Phase 5

Post-marketing potential analysis for unused flexibilities by obtaining result data from the two field tests.

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The research cooperation

TSOs, DSOs, research institutes, companies, and standardization organization

Project Management

Dr.-Ing Jirapa Kamsamrong
Dr.-Ing Jirapa KamsamrongOrganisatorische Gesamtprojektleitung
OFFIS – Institut für Informatik
Carsten Krüger
Carsten KrügerOrganisatorische Gesamtprojektleitung
OFFIS – Institut für Informatik
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Lehnhoff
Prof. Dr. Sebastian LehnhoffWissenschaftliche Gesamtprojektleitung
OFFIS – Institut für Informatik
& Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg